Angie Bird

"It’s a real lifesaver!"

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have the tray table and the pole products. I don’t know how I’d get along without it! I wouldn’t be able to shower without the pole, and it’s so convenient having it next to the toilet. It’s a real lifesaver!

Independence Tray Table & Sure Stand Pole – Angie Bird – 12/18/16

Herm Olsen

"I can’t image my recovery without it!"

After I had double knee replacement surgery, the Sure Stand Security Pole was a life saver for me in the bathroom. Getting on and off the toilet, and having the extra stability getting into the shower was invaluable. I cant even imagine what my recovery would have been like without it! Anyone who needs help or stability would benefit from this product.

Sure Stand Pole – Herm Olsen – 11/30/16

James Pipitone

"This is an excellent product!"

I recently bought the Sleep Safe Bed Rail and I am very happy I did so. I can now sleep soundly without worrying about falling out of bed. In addition the side pouches are really helpful for holding the TV remote and snacks. This is an excellent product!

Sleep Safe Bed Rail - James Pipitone – 01/13/16